ZERO is Green

​Now it is even easier to go green. New to ZERO is a printable, recyclable, PVC-free, self-adhesive film which is green…literally!

ZERO Eco Print Green has a completely unique and innovative green tinted adhesive to provide immediate visual identification of its eco credentials and to make it easy to return the right product for recycling at the end of a print campaign. 

ZERO Eco Print Green comes with an optically clear synthetic liner, so from the minute you open the box and throughout the print and application process, you can see that you are using a film that won’t be languishing in landfill for generations to come.

Your customers can see it too. When a print campaign is over there is no guess work around which products can go into our recycling bags.

ZERO Eco Print Green is PVC free and the adhesive if free of solvents. The material is 100% ZERO waste. Even the liner is recyclable.

By using ZERO Eco Print Green the only thing your media campaigns will be leaving behind is a good impression.