Auction House Goes Zero

​Dunbar Sloane regularly promotes its upcoming auctions on its Parnell premises windows.

As the posters are applied to the outside windows, they need to be able to withstand rain and sunshine so paper was not an option. Instead, they were using traditional PVC printed decals. What didn’t sit right with them was that after a six-week promotional campaign, the only option was to send the posters to landfill where they would continue to break down for hundreds of years.

“It seems crazy to think that a poster that is only up for such a short period of time is going to be around for generations to come” Says James Parkinson, Valuation Consultant “Our industry is not about waste. Art, antiques and decorative pieces continuously change hands and stay in circulation. It’s not a single use, throw away market and we were keen to extend this idea to our promotional campaigns”

Dunbar Sloane saw a great opportunity to improve their sustainability by using ZERO print films. “When the campaign is over, we simply peel the posters off, put them in the supplied courier bag and send them to Kirbyco where they get recycled into fence posts. We also chose to use the dot adhesive product which is easy to use.” The dots allow air to escape during application so you can get a smooth finish without trapped air bubbles “It means we can apply it ourselves, saving the need for a professional installer to come out thereby reducing carbon emissions” say James. “It may only be a small amount of plastic that we are diverting away from landfill, but every bit counts “